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1, Guestimate Avenue, First Bank Bus Stop, Oregun – Ikeja. Lagos –  State


Guestimate Avenue, First Bank Bus Stop, Oregun - Ikeja. Lagos -  State  Nigeria



Asiwaju Bola Adekunle Ahmed Tinubu for 2023NRUF says NON-NEGOTIABLE


Recognizing that many years of weak and bad leadership in Nigeria has weakened the social structure of Nigerians, conscious of need to raise the nation to highest level of responsible leadership, moral and intellectual dignity, determine to involve the means of reconciling and uniting Nigeria through rotational Presidency and imbibing the spirit of oneness, minding of remedying the social and political condition of the country. We have decided as like-minds in the country to from the North to the South, East to West to bring and foster unity through rotational presidency. Actualizing the moral of power shift from North-South, South-North in a gentleman agreement.Raising the consciousness of Nigerians in creating social political condition conducive to National peace.Conforming with principles of power shiftMobilizing Nigerians on why the principles of power shift is key to building peace and unity.Our tentacles are extended to all the states in Nigeria and Abroad. To know more about your state follow the link below.

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A renowned politician, philanthropist and Lagos socialite, he’s a reputable and selfless man who hearts the interest of others, and chooses equity, justice and uprightness as watchwords. The man Honorable Mutiu Kunle Okunola, who carved a by-name for himself in likeness of the 1993 man of the people ‘MKO’, posses the openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness personality trait, a zealous, passionate and upright leader. The chicken left the backyard and moved to the eagles’ camp. 

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